A: Who reads classics these days?
B: I do. I’m reading Moby Dick.
A: In English?
B: Nope. I decided to try the Russian translation this time.
A: Nice, I read it once
B: People say the Russian translation is better than the original.
A: Well, that’s a universal statement. It’s much easier than the original. Russian translation is always better.
B: Russian really gives you the essence of the work.
A: It’s actually quite a common tradition among Russian translators to improve the text. Some of them were talented. For example, a canonical translation of Hamlet into Russian was done by Pasternak.
B: Oh. I didn’t know that.
A: He hardly spoke english, but was a genius poet.
B: And is it better?
A: The text is quite good. I’d say same level.
B: But is it at least more or less the same story? Does it have extra scenes?
A: Because it’s already maximally good, you can’t improve.
B: That’s what I imagined.
A: But yeah, some more erotics are included. And a bit of fanfic.
B: Russians always doing the right thing.
A: A bit of homo, too.
B: Of course.
A: Some BDSM.
B: Shakespeare was always a pussy when it came to porn.
A: Right, Victorian bastard. I think he died virgin like I will.