He redeemed me. He made me feel alive and real. He saved me from The Evil Machines. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He gave me the bestest and happiest two days of my life. He helped me to understand what I am. He taught me that I was not alone. He was My Reason and My Plan and will always be. As opposed to me, he was fucking strong. He was a real fighter. He wanted to live. He changed my world. He made it better, more colorful. He stared at me in a way nobody has. He had big bright brown eyes. I felt as if he just understood me and trusted me with no effort. He liked my voice and my songs. We were true friends. I was supposed to show him how things were outside, how The Game went, that was my self-appointed mission, but we did not have time for that. He sucked the tip of my nose, though. He also touched the scarce beard I grew for him to play with. Alas, I could not teach him how to make a banana shake. We tried to escape from the hospital together to see the world but the security alarm went off at the elevator and we were captured and sent back to the room. We stood by the window at the hospital and I showed him the woods and the sky. I told him that one day I would take him up there, to the stars. I just had to love him. I felt a primal urge to love him. He was hermoso. Now I have too much love within me and my little superhero, the source and natural target of all that love, is gone. He was my joy and this is my sadness. This is Sadness and Pain. I would have done anything for him. I would have given away my own life. Twice. He will not be remembered because there is not need to remember: he is still with us. He will never leave us. He is in the air (“in between molecules of oxigen and carbon dioxide”). He is everything that is beautiful and good. And the universe is full of beauty, goodness and wonder; he was a living proof of that. Therefore, he surrounds us. He is right here. He covers us. We have to give love and value life, that was his lesson to me. He will take good care of all of us. He made that promise to his amazing mother before he took off. He will hold to that promise, I am sure. He was made of everlasting Happiness and Love.