First batch (Second here): §1 Characterless. Landscape. Description. Setting. Dandelion. Flowers. Nature. Bowing. Greeting. Brothers. Cosmic Significance. §2 Sylvanshine, Claude. Chicago (MDW) → Peoria. Exam. Preparation. Plane. Monk. Midwest. Dome. Infinity. Recurrence. §3 Out of context. Unidentified characters. Masturbation. Conversation. §4 Blumquist, Frederick. Newspaper (1980). Death. Peoria Journal Star. §5 Stecyk, Leonard (196?). Childhood. Vocation. Perfection. Progressive {solitude, isolation}. “Reach to others”. Service. §6 Fisher, Sheri (20) + Dean Jr., Lane (18-19). Peoria. Nursing. Accounting. God. Fear. Trust. Truth. Decision. Abortion. Youth. Responsibility. Sin. Guilt. Goodness. Praying. Courage. §7. G. Britton (Hamster) + Bondurant (Bradley, MO) ↮ Cheryl Ann Higgs (and her eyes) + Sylvanshine (Selfconsciousness, Intrusion). Mr. Squishee Van. Airport → Post. Peoria. §8 Ware, Toni (Anthony, IL). Mother. Trips. Men. Inner life. Rape. “Being pressed”. Vengeance. Protection. Headless dolls. Absence. Abstraction. Reading. Defense. IS. IL → MO. §9 Wallace, David (Spring 2005). Truth. Legal Concerns. The past. College. Memories. Money. The Initiative. New IRS (1985). Dullness. Obscurity. Opacity. Protection. Information. The Service. Confession. Paradoxical. “I can’t think anyone really believes that today’s so-called ‘information society’ is just about information. Everybody knows it’s about something else, way down.§10 Note. Characterless. Bureaucracy. Complexity. Open Systems. Mechanics. Parts. Physics. Causality. §11 List. Quotation. Characterless. Illnesses. Symptoms. Examination postings. Stress. §12 Stecyk, Leonard (Len). Door to door. Good neighbor. Gifts. Service. Tax. Zip Codes. Greeting. Speech. Smile. Government Agencies. Awkwardness. §13 Boy (?). Sweating Attacks (“his true self trying to literally leak out“). Isolation. Anxiety. Angst. Techniques. Self Image. Projection. Reflection. Highschool. Control. Pain. Sadness. §14 Interviews (?). Q&A. Documentary. Service. Disposition. Occupation. Rules. The Initiative. Job. Control. Money. Routine. Verification. Bounds. Limits. Interrogation. §15 Sylvanshine, Claude. Fact Psychic. Information Overload. Irrelevance. Emptyness. Secrecy. Affliction. Disability. Tedium. Overwhelming. Random-Fact Intuition (RFI).

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