Second batch (First here): §16 Lane Dean. REC Break. Routine. Conversation. Distraction. Time. Attention. Laughs. Scene. Fly. §17 Documentary? Abstract. Short. Clergy. Religion. Invisible heroes. IRS ⇔ Institutional heroes. §18 Documentary? Short. Pale King = Glendenning. Change names. Identity. §19 Elevator. (3h!) Conversation. DeWitt Glendenning + Stu Nichols + Gaines. Corporations. Individuals. Democracy. Authority. Morality. Civics. Power. Lies. Rebelion. Individualism. Fear. Happiness. Conformity. §20 Toni Ware. Threat. Dogs. Neighborhood. Moving in. Barking. Noise. Complains. §21 ?? Audition. Lies. Crime. Taxes. §22 (Novella) Chris Fogle (although unnamed). Chicago. 1972-1979. Conversion. IRS. Transformation. Babtism. Service. Gruesome. Accident. Death. Father. Disposition. Parenthood. Speech. Jesuit. Youth. Drugs. Christianity. Accident. Simple life. Enduring tedium. No audience. Heroism. Like v. Love. Counting words. Classify, organize, represent. Conformity. Fake rebelion. As the world turns. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair. §23 Dream. Childhood. Expectations. Boredom. Lesson. (?) §24 David Wallace (The Author). Peoria, 1985. Confusion. Arrival. REC. Order. Optimization. Neti-Neti. Blowjob. Face. Sweat. Van. Seat. Shame. Notebook. Notes. Meta-narrative. Linearity distorts (!). Self-consciousness. Self-help. “As every American knows, it is totally possible for contempt and anxiety to coexist in the human heart.§25 Two-column format. Turning pages. Boredom. Method. Papers. Review. Examinations. Recurrence. Anonymous names. “Devils are actually angels.§26 Wallace (?) Ghosts v. Phantoms. Sylvanshine facts. Garrity v. Blumquist. Distraction v. Concentration. §27 Orientation. Wallace (GS-13 by mistake). David Cusk (Sweating boy). Sylvanshine. Toni Ware (mysterious woman behing Cusk). Order: Cusk ⇛ Sylvanshine ⇛ Cusk ⇛ Sylvanshine ⇛ Wallace ⇛ Cusk + Sylvanshine (Ware). Themes: Information. Order. Confusion. Mistakes. Incomprehension. Exam. Profit. Attack. Audit. Filtering. Relevance. Disorder. “Avoid the temptation to think that you always need more information. You can drown in it.§28 10 Laws of IRS Personel. Hierarchy. Career. Cycles. Loops. Aspirations. Goals. Profit. Success. “Output.” §29 Conversation. Agents. Childhood. Shit. Monster. No eyelashes. Dog shit. Ass Assault. Bite. Nicknames. Sexual Assault Gone Wrong. Diablo the Left-Handed Surrealist. §30 Sylvanshine + R.J. Cell phone. Highly technical. (Intentionally?) Obscure. Conspiracy. Glendenning. Machines. Replacements for humans. Plan. (Missing shit for sure. Should read again.) §31 Short. Van to the residencies. Warcries. Birds. §32 Short. Office. Distraction. Sister (?) Julie. The exorcist. Conversation. Showing off. Speaker. §33 Lane Dean Jr. (17/May/85) Falling. Pain. Hell. Routine. Emptiness. Reasons. Family. Words. Bore. Interesting. Purpose. Development. Pray. Punishment. Sense. “He had the sensation of a great type of hole or emptiness falling through him and continuing to fall and never hitting the floor.§34 Characterless. Algorithm. Procedure. Form. Tax. Calculation. Formula. No Context. §35 ??? Baby (It). Fierceness. Men as Tools. Hierarchy. Auditing. Power. Fear. Verticality. Group Manager. Aversion. §36 Boy (“So marginal he was not even teased.“) Skin. Kisses. No Doubt. Achievement. Accomplishment. Father. Guilt. Purpose. Dedication. Method. Effort. Goals. Human Algesia. Spinal Hygiene. Body. Lips. Deform. No Reason. Women. Relationships. Marriage. Affairs. Cycle. Torture. Pleasure. Pain. Religion. Stigmata. Self-Control. Backbone. B. R. Faucet’s Famous Neuromuscular Diagrams. §37 Distance. Conversation. Strangers. Social issues. Awkwardness. §38 David Foster Wallace. Confusion. Kafka. Computer. Programming. COBOL. Accusations. Suplantation. (In)Communication. GO TO. §39 Sylvanshine. Power. Glendenning. Stecyk. Childhood (Grand Rapids, MI, Autumn 69) School. Accident. Mr. Inge. Thumb. Respect. Arterial blood. Panic. Bullying. Showers. Humiliation. “What they’d then thought was the wide round world was a little boy’s preening dream.§40 Cusk. Short. List of Fears. §41 Excerpt. Conversation. Fundamentalist. Conversion. Totally out of context. §42 “Colorado Todd”. Short. Meth College Incident. Crazy. Madness. Chemistry. Business. §43 “Dave” (F. Wallace?) + Glendenning, Conversation. Admin. Management. Kindness. Allocation. Distribution. Optimization. Bureaucracy. Power. Idea. Machine Replacement. Proposal. §44 The Key (to Modern Life). ” Everything is Bureaucracy. To breathe, so to speak, without air.§45 Toni Ware. Accident. Horror. Death. Self-Control. Witness. Murder. Mother. Man. Fake catatonia. Open eyes. (“Don’t mess with this girl.“) §46 (The Longest Conversation) Shane “X.” Drinion + Meredith Rand + al. Meibeyer’s (Bar). Friday. Happy Hour. Conversation. Beauty. Interestingness. Reactions. Alcohol. Socio-dynamics. Prettiness. Power. Weakness. “Cutter.” Psychiatry. System. Organism. Diagnosis. Cure. Isolation. Love. Encounters. Destiny (?). Cage. Illness. Entrapped. Dying. Levitation. Concentration. Meta-speech. Meta-selfconsciousness. Repetition. Tedious. Emphasis. Care. Understanding. Protection. Maturity. Attention. §47 Toni Ware. Shop. Con (?). Work (?). Order. Phone Call. Plan (?). Social Analysis. (Confusing. Should probably re-read.) §48 Director DeWitt (Glendenning). Picnic. Adulterated tea. Drugs. Madness. Orgy. Eye socket. Operation. Tactical incursion. Investigation. Agents. Non-sense. Incommunication. Difficulty. “The sky is not longer the sky.§49 Fogle v. Reynolds + Sylvanshine. Test. Interview. Dr. Lehrl. Questions. Confusion. Paradox. Preparation. Trap. §50 Office. Facilitator. Breathe. You. Control. Relax. Calm. “The desk practically an abstraction.