El último proyecto de Santiago Ortiz es Lostalgic, una visualización del guión de Lost utilizando la información disponible en Lostpedia. En Creative Applications lo entrevistan al respecto:

I believe books, movies and in general stories could be visualized in ways persons not only will learn about the contents, the context and the structure of the narrative but will actually read in a different ways the story, or, if you want, will read another story out of the atoms and molecules of the allegedly analyzed one (and I use the word ‘read’ in the most wide hermeneutical possible sense). These aren’t new ideas at all, for many that’s exactly what literature and art criticism should do: build new meaning out of the previously existing one. When it comes to create interactive visualization, or, in general, interactive creation based on pre-existent narrative material, I think there are multiple unexplored ways to create new meaning, new stories… or to re-tell the same story (which is as impossible as to take a bath twice in the same river, as Borges perfectly explained in his Pierre Menard, Author of Quixote story). ‘Re-telling’ has been explored in digital arts but not so much in visualization.