It takes you a while to come to terms with the fact that you need to go to sleep because you seem to believe that sleeping is this optional absurd activity adults created to keep you away from music, toys and games. After all, you are never tired. The procedure starts when I announce that in about five minutes we should all go to sleep (a blatant lie). What follows takes an hour. Sometimes you throw a tantrum right away and I let you own it but maybe a few minutes in I suggest that you could brush your teeth while at it, or maybe put on your pijamas. Manipulation is not out of the table. Nothing is out of the table. If needed I pick you up and dance you through the different service stations. Long gone are the times when I thought that at the end of this daily and frustrating iterative process there was a method that would allow me to put you to bed without tears and screams and statements about how you do not have any friends anymore. Now I just let you go your way and try to stick by your side making sure that everything that needs to happen happens at some point: brush your teeth, go to pee, take a bath, pijamas on, the essentials. As a reward, and you know it, I read you a book and sing you songs. This week we are reading Zorgamazoo once again. The first time I read it you were inside your mother and we read a chapter every night before going to sleep, hoping you would learn to recognize my voice. This time, now a breathing air independent tiny woman, you pay attention and ask me questions about the words and the story. Often I finish a verse and realize that I was not pronouncing appropriately the last word of the previous line. I notice it because the rhyme fails. You have not realized yet how awful my English is. After the chapter is over you ask for songs. Today I departed from the usual repertoire and tried to sing a few David Bowie songs. Discovered I do not know the music of Starman, only the chorus. You approved my interpretation nevertheless or at least did not reject it explicitly; just listened to the songs and finally, when I went over five or so, asked me for one kiss, one hug and your tickles. Each dose was doubled.