Un artículo bueno de 2010 sobre la pirámide científica, sus orígenes y problemas actuales. Un fragmento:

The groups that benefit from the science labor glut include senior professors, who receive the great bulk of federal grant funding, and the research universities that employ them (and the graduate students and postdocs) while receiving overhead payments from the grants. Change that could substantially relieve the plight of young scientists seems especially difficult to effect. The groups supporting the current situation are well organized, with strong and effective lobbies and are seen, both by themselves and by society at large, as representing major social goods: The established researchers and their scholarly associations claim to speak for “science,” and thus for technological progress and the hope of cures for dread diseases. The universities represent education and opportunity.

Aunque el artículo se concentra en Estados Unidos, el modelo gringo ha sido copiado a las malas en otros países, como Colombia. Si siguen como van, pronto caerán en los mismos problemas de saturación y explotación.