Rango Finito

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En la lista de preguntas frecuentes sobre Holocausto Canibal en IMDB explican cómo fue empalada la mujer de la escena icónica. La clave, una silla de bicicleta:

A bicycle seat was fastened to the end of an iron pole, on which the actress sat. She then placed a small pole of balsa wood in her mouth and looked straight up, making it seem like she had been impaled. When Deodato was summoned to court for multiple counts of murder, the actress depicted as impaled – and thus, dead – actually performed the stunt to the court to show it was possible. This was the only way of officially proving that indeed it was merely a special effect and not a grisly act of murder.

Putos genios.

El maestro Ruggero Deodato en Hostel 2. (Mil disculpas por el gif animado, no pude resistirme.)