On the other hand, I have been gradually disconnecting from social networks during the last month. I still go to my usual spots and read a bit, post a few words (many people I value on the other side), like, heart, retweet and follow links, I have had my relapses, but my relationship with these places has changed. I do not trust them. I do not think I should invest on them. They do not feel safe. Maybe not unsafe for me, but certainly unsafe for a considerable subset of people to be worrisome. It all started during the rise of T***p as a subject of interest (couldn’t afford the nausea; still can’t) but it has continued now at a higher level, with most of the discussions and interactions I witness leaving me with a sense of emptiness and dread, as if they were the consequence of a sinister game with fucked up incentives where affectation is the greatest accomplishment and the meanest and loudest have advantages by design. I doubt I am going to leave social networks altogether (many friends and a few conversations I would like to keep) but I see them with caution now. Something in them I cannot isolate (maybe their supposed neutrality? maybe their attention capturing anxieties?) is promoting and strengthening horrible people and ideas.