Una buena defensa del matrimonio entre parejas del mismo sexo desde una perspectiva católica (Vía Dan Savage):

For those more inclined to divining truth from modern day mythology than Scripture, I suggest watching the first 10 minutes of the Pixar film, Up. A couple that desires children experiences deep loss and sadness when they find out that they cannot conceive. But does that make their marriage any less of a marriage? When a couple practices birth control (natural of course) while having sex, are they less married at those times than when sperm is free to encounter egg? And are married couples who choose to not have children really not married couples after all?

The answer to these questions is, of course, a resounding “no.” That’s because the primary purpose of marriage is unitive, not procreative. It is the union that makes the marriage sacramental. Marriage, in and of itself and regardless of the presence of children, is a path to God.